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Training Plans

Off-the-shelf Training Plans delivered to you via Final Surge, Training Peaks and ChiliTri App. IRONMAN, 70.3, Olympic & Sprint Triathlons, S&C, Maintenance, Swim, Running, SwimRun & Aquathlon Plans

Our Community

Join our growing team of athletes. We offer you bespoke one to one, in person and online coaching. Swim, Bike, Run, Strength, Nutrition, Race Planning, HRV, Mindfulness - a Holistic Approach

Training Camps

Training camps designed for you in Southern Spain. Stay at our place built by triathletes for triathletes.

Endless pool, gym, holistic terrace and accommodation for you to enjoy on-site at ChiliTri

Benefits and Services

Chili Tri provides you the following products and services

  • One-on-one Triathlon Coaching
  • Training Camps; Small, Safe & Bespoke
  •  Training Plans; Final Surge, Training Peaks & ChiliTri App
  • Daily Fitness Classes- Ideal for Strength & Conditioning
  •  Swim Stroke Video Analysis in our Endless Pool



Your Team

I believe in a holistic approach to your training. For your continuous progress and great race results, more is needed than just hours on the bike, in the pool or out on the track. Great performance is only possible if you stay injury free (pre-hab), get all the healthy nutrition you need, allow your body and mind enough recovery time and know some mental tips and tricks to stay strong when the going gets tough.

              Karen Parnell, Head Coach & Owner ChiliTri

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ChiliTri Athlete Testimonials

Karen brought me from Zero to Hero on my Ironman journey. I had never completed a triathlon and so had a lot to learn. Karen taught me and trained me with patience and motivation. She gave timely weekly plans that reflected my other commitments and enabled me to have a balance between training and work. Karen was always available for me to speak with and was able to answer questions that I had. She gave advice on nutrition, bike set up and maintenance, to name but a few. I visited Karen's training camp on a number of occasions. The facilities are great, she has an endless swimming pool that I could use as well as lots of strength and conditioning equipment. I would highly recommend Karen, she is very knowledgeable and passionate about training. She made me feel very comfortable and confident that I would achieve my goal.

Lorraine Butler, Athlete & Head Teacher

Having been an endurance athlete for 20 years, I have worked with online services and face to face coaches. To me, Karen has all the best qualities you want/need. Knowledgeable and caring and a willingness to communicate whenever needed via email, website, or social media. Karen is there to answer questions or deal with potential problems.

 However, what really sets Karen apart from other coaches is her depth of knowledge. Certified at the highest levels and gifted with the ability to teach you, as an athlete, as you grow. Truly outstanding! 

Bobby, International Teacher

I’ve been working with Karen over the last few months in the build up to the 2018 season. Karen has helped me considerably with my swim stroke through coaching sessions and training plans. I was really struggling with my breathing technique but Karen quickly fixed this and had me swimming competently after just a few sessions. The training plans and nutrition advice that she has provided have considerably improved my performance. The training plans were adjusted to my needs, feedback and goals. I liked the variety of the workouts and the intensity. I’d recommend Karen to triathletes of all levels. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Tom, UK Government, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

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