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Race Number Belt

These belts can hold your number and plenty of gels for the run! Ideal for triathlons and running races.


Chili Tri S&C Mini-Band Glute Workout

This strength and conditioning workout kit includes a full set of min-bands and workout card to strengthen your glutes for the swim bike and run.


Lock Laces

Lock laces help you transition from the bike to run easier and quicker. Don't be without them!


IRONMAN Triathlon Training Plan

20 or 24 week full training plan for IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 events. Created by an IRONMAN certified coach. Matched to your level and goals


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Chili Tri's Range of Products & Services

Chili Tri Sew on Patch

Cotton patch to sew on your kit.


Cycling App Race File Creation - Zwift or TrainerRoad 

Creation of a workout file based on your race course profile, FTP, weight, height, bike, road surface etc so you can ride the course before your event in Zwift or TrainerRoad with a representative power profile.


Swim Safety Buoy

Safety first when it comes to open water swimming! This cost effective swim buoy attaches to your waist and floats behind you to help other users know you are there.


Sprint or Olympic Triathlon Training Plan

16 week plan matched to your level and race goals. Written by a fully qualification British Triathlon Federation Coach


Chili Tri swimming hat

Ideal for open water and pool swimming in neon green. Very durable Silicon hat with "Chili Tri Endless Pool, Endless Fun!" on one side and "Chili Leisure Competa, Spain" in red letter on the other side.


Acutop Premium Kinesiology Tape

5m x 5cm. Various colours. Please state which colour you would like when ordering.

Black, Blue, Green, Yellow or Beige.


The Epigenetics Recipe Book: Prevent Cancer by eating tasty food, enjoying exercise and hugging more.

​Did you know that 95% of us were born genetically healthy? We didn’t inherit a predisposition for serious diseases like cancer, diabetes or morbid obesity so this means that they are preventable. But what if you are in the 5%? Even if you were to inherit genes that predispose you to disease, these don’t necessarily determine the outcome. Epigenetics is the science of how environmental signals select, modify and regulate your gene activity. In this book, we will look at what foods we should introduce to our diet to ensure are bodies stay healthy and how to integrate these into easy to create meals. 

Note: This book can also be purchased on Amazon. This is the first edition.

Chili Tri S&C Swimmers Band Workout

This Strength and Conditioning kit includes a quality elastic work out band and swimmers exercise cards.


Train hard all year round in the mountains & on the coast

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