May 27th 2020 TRI247: Training Motivation: where’s it gone… and how can I get it back?

Athlete motivation in a COVID-19 world…
While we are all wondering what the ‘new normal’ will be, there’s no doubt that daily life has changed for many of us in recent months, courtesy of the Coronavirus pandemic.
In this feature, Coach Karen Parnell (www.chilitri.com) looks into the reasons why motivations may have changed, its impacts, how to get out of a ‘rut’ and puts forward some suggestions of how to redirect you goals with racing currently of the agenda for almost everyone.

29th March 2020, BLOG on the Surge Box website - Skipping as an alternative to Running - If you can’t get outside for your regular runs then using a skipping rope or jump rope is a great alternative and takes up little room.
Jumping rope will primarily work your calves, glutes and quads, but shoulders, chest, back and triceps will assist in constantly turning the rope. According to the International Sports Conditioning Association, or ISCA, jumping rope will improve your speed, agility, power, endurance, balance and coordination, all of which are pertinent while running.

23rd March 2020, BLOG on the Swimovate website - Tethered swimming – an alternative way to train
If your local pool is shut and can’t swim in open water you may still have access to a small pool so you can still train using a swim belt, bungee or tether. It’s very effective and actually a great workout.



15th March 2020, BLOG on the Surgebox website - Can’t get to a pool? Why not try rowing? Many public swimming pools have been forced to closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and your favourite outdoor swimming venue may be too cold even with a wetsuit, but you still need or want to train, what can you do? You don’t want to lose your cardiovascular fitness and swimming muscle strength built up in the summer and autumn months so is there a good alternative? #swimming #rowing #triathlon #surgebox


17th July 2019, ARTICLE in Outdoor Swimmer Magazine -

Have you ever wondered how you can use your swimming tow float? Read all about it here. #swimming #owswimming #seaswimming #triathlon #towfloat



20th June 2019, ARTICLE in Which Training Camp - Have you been on a training camp recently and found your leg cadence on the bike is a bit slower? If the answer is yes then this Zwift workout could be just what your are looking for. #zwift #whichtrainingcamp #training


29th May 2019, ARTICLE in Outdoor Swimmer Magazine
Check out my article in Outdoor Swimmer magazine detailing some great swimming events in Spain. #swimming #owswimming #seaswimming #swimmingevents #triathlon


22nd February 2019, ARTICLE in Tri147 - HOW TO EXPERIENCE ZWIFT ON A BUDGET By Karen Parnell




1st December 2018, PRESS RELEASE

ChiliTri release new training camps dates including Triathlon, Running, Swimming, High Altitude and Fitness Camps. These will all be based in Southern Spain is three different locations....

20th July 2018, PRESS RELEASE

Rafael Aledo, Level 3 Total Immersion Coach from Natura Sport in Alicante has joined forces with Chili Tri in Malaga to offer an open water swimming camp. The camp will take place in Competa on 25th to 27th October 2018....

15th June 2018, PRESS RELEASE 

Chili Tri and Freebird have created an exclusive new triathlon camp in the Andalusia, Spain running 13th to 20th October 2018

​The Training camp is set in the triathlon training paradise of Andalusia and fully coached by Olympian and former Pro IRONMAN® Jess Petersson and Karen Parnell- multiple certified coach, and BTA coach tutor.

Andalusia, Spain, 15th June, 2018:  This triathlon Camp is a fusion of knowledge and experience, set in the triathlon training paradise of Andalusia.  The camp is led by one of the most qualified coaches; Karen Parnell, Chili Tri and former pro IRONMAN® athlete and 2x Olympian Jess Petersson, Freebird.....

27th March 2018, Article in Whichtrainingcamp.com

Chili Tri article published in whichtrainingcamp.com. The article discusses how triathlon camps have evolved.

22nd February 2018, Article

Chili Tri has been featured in  Linked Fitness  this month with an article on running up and down hills. They have also created this handy infographic "4 Tips for Downhill Running".

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Metafit HIIT Instructors Training Video Filmed at Chili Tri

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