​​​​​Triathlon Coaching - Online and at our Facility in Southern Spain

We are passionate about coaching and have coached athletes at all levels to meet their race goals. 
We offer online and 1 to 1 coaching at our facility in Southern Spain near Malaga.

ChiliTri has grown out of the interest of individuals and groups that wanted to enjoy the Andalusian climate and nature while experiencing an active holiday. Started in 2015 as ChiliTri, we now offer personalised training sessions in triathlon, pool swimming, open water swimming, road cycling, running and strength and conditioning for athletes of all ages and all levels. We offer:

  • Running, cycling, Open Water and Pool swimming Video Analysis and Fault Correction Session Plan
  • Fully Edited and Annotated Swim Video Analysis with personalised correction programs & session plans
  • Endless Pool training and swim video analysis on site or in 25m pool (with and without wetsuit)
  • Endurance tests (VO2 max, Lactate Threshold, FTP)
  • Stryd, Arion or Milestone running stride and power analysis
  • Bike Power Analysis (Neuromuscular Power (NM), Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP), Functional Threshold Power (FTP), and Anaerobic Capacity (AC)
  • Establishing heart rate zones including MAF training
  • Strength, stability and flexibility assessments
  • Posture analysis and suggestions for corrective exercises
  • Preparing and peaking for a race
  • Brick training: swim-bike and bike-run sessions
  • Giving guidance, company and motivation for those long training sessions
  • Designing training programs to improve strength and/or endurance, general fitness and health
  • British Triathlon Federation (BTF) Level 3, Swim England (ASA) Open Water Swimming, UKA and IRONMAN Certified coaches
  • Swimsmooth and Total Immersion swimming techniques
  • ​CTC qualified ride leaders
  • Sports and race nutrition advice and plans
  • Training plans tailored to your work, life and race needs
  • Qualified First Aiders
  • Triathlon and Marathon training plans - including Primal Endurance

We put a lot of pride into making sure that your training with ChiliTri will be safe, fun and make you a better athlete. All of our coaches have extensive sports backgrounds and qualifications as well as up to date first aid certifications. With our local knowledge we will be able to show you and train on the most amazing trails, roads or other training locations.

Many of our athletes wish to continue to train with us when they have travelled home. We support them with tailor-made training programs, aimed to reach their goals. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you reach your next goal.

We offer a flat rate pricing system so you know you are getting the best gold standard coaching plan when you become a coached athlete. The first step is a meeting (face to face or video/telephone call), athlete questionnaire and then creation of the top level training plan which you sign off on for 25€. From there it's 25€ per week for a fully personalised, detailed weekly plan based on your personal situation, equipment, race goals and time to train. These weekly plans include detailed training sessions for swim, bike, run and S&C. We are available for weekly calls, emails and direct messaging all included in this plan. Training plans can be tweaked weekly based on your changing situation and preferences. 

Training Philosophy

At ChiliTri we believe in a holistic approach to training. For continuous progress and great race results, more is needed than just hours on the bike, in the pool or out on the track. Great performance is only possible if you stay injury free (pre-hab), get all the nutrition you need, allow your body and mind enough recovery time and know some mental tips and tricks to stay strong when the going gets tough.

Our coaches always compose training sessions and schedules that takes all these factors into account and also your work/life/train balance. While we’ll make sure you get to spend lots of efficient and effective training hours, you will also learn and experience what it is to train ‘smart’.

Finally, fun is a key ingredient of our training philosophy. With a variety of training, a sense of accomplishment (we will push you to reach new heights) and visible progress, you will become stronger, fitter, happier and ready for chasing your next goals. 

Read more about our training and coaching philosophy on our fitness blog.

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Karen Parnell

Karen Parnell is the owner and Head Coach of Chili Tri in Andalusia, Southern Spain. I am a keen triathlete and have competed in events in the US, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Spain and the UK. My passion is to motivate, guide and coach people to achieve their own health, fitness and race goals. I help people to meet their goals via personalised training programs, 1 to 1 coaching, nutritional advice, Strength & Conditioning, Stress Management, race day planning and motivation – a truly holistic approach.

Karen is a Level 3 High Performing British Triathlon Federation (BTF) Coach and Tutor, IRONMAN Certified Coach and AIQ Level 3 Personal Trainer (CIMSPA). I am also an Swim England (ASA) open water coach and specialise in Bike FTP testing, Stryd running power & gait analysis and Swim video analysis.

I have a degree in Electronics and during my time in engineering was lucky enough to work with companies such as Polar, Apple, Sony, LG and Samsung on health and fitness connected products. I’m still a great advocate and user of this technology and use them in my athlete testing and training room here at Chili Tri. I use technology from Garmin, Stryd, Arion, Milestone, Elite, PowerTap, Info Crank and others to capture FTP, run power, efficiency over the swim, bike and run. This data is extremely useful to help athletes reach their full potential. I also use Elite HRV to understand stress triggers and how to train effectively at lower physical and mental stress levels. 

I coach both traditional and Primal Endurance methodologies using MAF and other holistic training techniques.

If technology is not your thing don’t worry we can work together on what training plan is best for you, your lifestyle and home life and of course it has to be fun!

Karen has an MBA from Aston Business School and an Engineering degree from the University of Hertfordshire.

                                Jessica Draskau Petersson 

​​​Athlete, coach and speaker.
Owner of Freebird Coaching. She coaches a limited number of athletes and leads private sports retreats from her year round base in Andalusia. She also coordinates international destination race retreats, partnering with local country experts.
Jess sport and travel; she was passionate about sport since age 5, initially horse riding. First international travel was a 3 months old, with solo travel internationally from age 9.
By 17 fluent in 3 languages and working internationally on sports training camps.
Later to combat a sedentary lifestyle at law school, Jess found running, duathlon and triathlon. Fair to say she got the bug; in 3 years she completed over
20 IRONMAN distance and long course duathlon races, of which more than 10 were world championships. While 'balancing' full time work and study, during this time she feed the travel bug by living a year on different continents UK, NZ, USA. 
Placing 5th overall (including Pros) and qualifying for Kona in her first IRONMAN, the rise to racing on national elite teams and in the IRONMAN pro field came almost too instantaneous. Jess getting her first pair of goggles in her mid to late 20's had a lot of lonely swims in the pro field, meanwhile rapid improvement on the bike, and a reliable run would ensure top 5 finishes in the majority of races. As Jess would admit, when asked about her IRONMAN run course records and running sub 3 hours of the bike, she had to make a effort on the run to redeem herself from her less than great swim in pro terms.

After a pro duathlon/triathlon career including multiple medals at European and World Championships elite division, Jess undertook intense corporate career in London; including being a Big Four chartered consultant. In 2011 as a response to her father’s advancing Alzheimer’s, it was sport Jess turned to once more, this time it was marathons and led to 2 Olympic Games. Perhaps, because Jess had a non-typical path in sport. Having, had to learn the hard way from trial and error at races, and on the world stage while still really a novice.

She is approachable and loves helping athletes with their goals and finding joy in the process. She loves helping first timers find the consistency in training and the confidence to do something new, as well as the seasoned athlete committed to qualification goals. In Andalusia she is a ambassador for a local environmental group, and actively working towards greater participation of women in sport; including providing free run clinics, and sponsoring first time participants in the local race series.

She is excited about this exclusive camp, pairing up with Karen, Chili Tri. The coaches coach. She believes, she would have benefited from having coached sessions and having had a foundation of knowledge, rather than just showing up on race day and going hell for leather fuelled with over excitement and ignorance, in some cases not much else, without a regard for nutritional needs, experiences include losing 7KG's (more than a stone) during one IRONMAN, and many other ridiculous stories. She is excited to offer athletes a short cut in their training and save others from having to learn the hard way.

Lauren Steadman, Paralympian Training at Chili Tri Training Camp

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Our Coaches

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