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​​Personal Training & Coaching in Cómpeta and the Málaga Area

Chili Tri has grown out of the interest of individuals and groups that wanted to enjoy the Andalusian climate and nature while experiencing an active holiday. Started in 2015 as Chili Tri, we now offer personalised training sessions in triathlon, pool swimming, open water swimming, road cycling, running and strength and conditioning for athletes of all ages and all levels. Our Coaches and Personal Trainers are helping our athletes with:

  • Running, cycling, (open water) swimming Video Analysis and Fault Correction Session Plan
  • Fully Edited and Annotated Swim Video Analysis
  • Endless Pool training and swim video analysis on site or in 25m pool (with and without wetsuit)
  • Endurance tests (VO2 max, Lactate Threshold, FTP)
  • Stryd running power analysis
  • Establishing heart rate zones & Bike FTP Testing
  • Strength, stability and flexibility assessments
  • Posture analysis and suggestions for corrective exercises
  • Preparing and peaking for a race
  • Brick training: swim-bike and bike-run sessions
  • Giving guidance, company and motivation for those long training sessions
  • Designing training programs to improve strength and/or endurance, general fitness and health
  • British Triathlon Federation (BTF), ASA, UKA and IRONMAN Certified coaches
  • Swimsmooth techniques
  • ​CTC qualified ride leaders
  • Sports and race nutrition advice and plans
  • Training plans tailored to your work, life and race needs
  • Qualified First Aiders

We put a lot of pride into making sure that your training with Chili Tri will be safe, fun and make you a better athlete. We are not just tour guides or "weekend-certified PT's"; all our coaches have extensive sports backgrounds and sports educations as well as up to date first aid certifications. With our local knowledge we will be able to show you and train on the most amazing trails, roads or other training locations.

Many of our athletes wish to continue to train with us when they have travelled home. We support them with tailor-made training programs, aimed to reach their goals. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you reach your next goal.

Training Philosophy

At Chili Tri we believe in a holistic approach to training. For continuous progress and great race results, more is needed than just hours on the bike, in the pool or out on the track. Great performance is only possible if you stay injury free, get all the nutrition you need, allow your body and mind enough recovery time and know some mental tips and tricks to stay strong when the going gets tough.

Our coaches always compose training sessions and schedules that takes all these factors into account and also your work/life/train balance. While we’ll make sure you get to spend lots of efficient and effective training hours, you will also learn and experience what it is to train ‘smart’.

Finally, fun is a key ingredient of our training philosophy. With a variety of training, a sense of accomplishment (we will push you to reach new heights) and visible progress, you will become stronger, fitter, happier and ready for chasing your next goals. 

Read more about our training and coaching philosophy on our fitness blog.

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